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The real advantage of off-site fabrication is the speed of the erection on site, so getting the kit right is a priority.  Our factory in Clavering, Essex, is large enough to cope with most developer’s needs; our members of staff are skilled and experienced to cope with all designs.

Internal Walls

Internal panels are manufactured using 38 x 89 mm CLS (Canadian Lumbar Standard) structural timber studs, set out at 600 mm nominal centers unless 400 mm nominal centers are required for loading baring walls.

External Walls

Typically, a standard system would be open panel, varying in thickness to suit thermal and structural requirements. Which means that pre-fabricated panels will be delivered to sight sheathed externally with OSB (typically 9 mm) covered with breather paper, with open stud frame, to allow fitting of insulation and services by the contractor.



These can be formed using either solid timber, I Beams or metal web joists, decked commonly using 22 mm Weyroc deck or 18 mm OSB 3 board, all depending on requirements.  These typically will be cut to length to suit the building and fitted individually and decked on site.

Alternatively, the floors can be constructed in a cassette form and dropped in by crane and fixed on site, all depending on access etc.


These are typically constructed using trusses where possible.  Either with fink, attic or storage trusses.

If trusses cannot be used and a ‘hand cut’ option is required, then this service is also provided.

Where ‘open vaulted’ roof solutions are required, these are often ‘hand cut’ or alternative solutions can be used; often giving a deeper zone for increased thermal performance.