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Aesthetically pleasing

Timber is a natural product, it gives a very natural look especially if elements of oak are included in the build and only timber from sustainable sources are used with Allways Timber Frame having full chain of custody PEFC certification so you can be assured that your build is sustainable.

Timber - the 'lungs' of the world

Traditional forms of construction tend to use materials which can often reduce the worlds natural resources.

Efficacy of timber frame

It is well known that a well insulated house uses less energy and your energy bills are greatly reduced. Timber is also a natural insulating material and when used as a frame allows more space for insulation in various forms reducing the need for energy and fossil fuels, the result being a reduction in green house gases.

Durability - Designed for Life

With the use of more modern engineered materials, such as engineered I joists, Glulam and LVL beams etc. coupled with the use of CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) treated timbers, means that the precision engineered buildings out-perform more traditional means of construction. As a minimum, buildings are always designed for a lifetime.